About Lynda & Stephen Kane and the School of Energy Awareness

Lynda’s story is high-flying . . .

Before making the life-changing decision to commit completely to her path of energy work for personal transformation, Lynda was Chief Psychologist at British Airways. She later became a personal coach for senior executives and board members of major corporations such as the BBC, Shell, Air New Zealand, Sun Alliance, Rank Xerox and Granada. As she integrated her energy work more and more into her professional life, she finally went on a long retreat after which it became the sole focus of her life and work.

Stephen’s story is different . . .

After years of meditation and other spiritual development practices, Stephen founded the Institute for Advanced Health Research in England, specialising in the treatment of symptoms and diseases associated with environmental stress, allergies and chronic infections. He also created and directed the Starlight Course for students of Life Energy Awareness worldwide, as well as writing seven books on the energenics of healing, creativity and spiritual development.

We have been offering unique, energy-aware services and trainings to thousands of people worldwide for over three decades.

We are routinely consulted about:

  • The energies underlying chronic health problems such as fatigue, allergies, chronic infections and other ongoing symptoms or ‘incurable’ health problems. We see clients, including many professional health practitioners, at the Life Energy Solutions Clinic where we also provide nutritional advice through the FEAST service to help clients recognise their unique, healing, dietary needs.

“Thanks a million! I am still so utterly grateful every day for my energy [after chronic fatigue syndrome] being back. And for being able to get restful sleep. I can never thank you enough for that. You have my gratitude for the rest of my life”  Brigitte Lassen, Iceland

  • The energies underlying relationship challenges, prospective new relationships, or cultivating better or more productive relationships. We offer Vision Life Coaching sessions – the world’s only life coaching service based on how your energy is being affected by the choices you make from one day to the next. This empowers you to cultivate higher-energy relationships and guides you through profound transformations of the karmic challenges that appear in your life.

“Vision Life Coaching is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. I have my life back!”Dr. I.W., New Zealand

  • How your environment is affecting your life and well-being – this is feng shui plusbecause, rather than depending on academic theories or tests, it’s based on demonstrable, real awareness of the energies in your home or office.

By optimising the energies of your environment it will become a resonant ally that can profoundly affect the quality of your life and support you in achieving the life you wish to lead. This is what we call a Living Home.

            “Since implementing your recommendations in the Living Home, I have never been happier and never felt more at home. I have far more energy and I am sleeping better than I have for years.”Robin T. Hants

  • Personal, professional and spiritual development. When you choose to take a training, apply a personal development method, or practise a certain exercise or meditation . . . it affects your energy. It must doin order to be effective. Unfortunately, the effect (or ‘side-effects) isn’t always what you hope it will be . . .

This is why we’ve been able to help so many clients discover what works best for them with Decisions Decisions in which you receive energy-aware feedback on any decision you’re confused about or are finding challenging.

“I’ve been offered the job… and my own TV show! Five years on from our conversation in Australia where we looked at the energy of me becoming a TV presenter, whew! Thanks :)” NF, UK

We continue to offer the Living With Energy Awareness trainings as well as books and articles on human, environmental and spirit energy awareness and the interactions between them. We also contribute to the Life Energy Awareness Forum and the Living With Energy Awareness blog.

“. . . My life has changed and opened up in so many ways I could never have begun to imagine . . . Developing your energy awareness really works!” Carolina R, UK