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About us



Before making the life-changing decision to commit completely to her path of energy work for personal transformation through the Way of Life or Shendo,1 Lynda was Chief Psychologist at British Airways. She later became a personal coach for senior executives and board members of major corporations such as the BBC, Shell, Air New Zealand, Sun Alliance, Rank Xerox and Granada.
Having integrated the Way – living with energy awareness – into her work, Lynda went on a long retreat after which shendo became the sole focus of her life.


After years of energy development practices at power places in the UK and USA, Stephen founded the Institute for Advanced Health Research in England. Clients of IAHR travelled from all over the world for treatment of ongoing or ‘incurable’ symptoms and diseases associated with environmental stress, allergies or chronic infections.
Stephen later created and directed the Shendo – previously, Arcadia – for students of energy awareness worldwide. He also wrote seven books on cultivating and applying the essential energies of healing, creativity and spiritual development.

1 Shendo – literally, a ‘path of the Heart’ – is a way of living with constantly increasing awareness of the life, fortune and spirit energies that generate your thoughts, feelings, awareness, abilities, fortunes and misfortunes. And how to change them for the better.

Holistic Dowsing

For many shendo practitioners, dowsing or muscle testing was their first experience of their energy ‘showing’ them something they couldn’t know, intuit or sense by any other means. These methods of energy testing are potential first steps of the Energy Awareness Journey – a way of developing increasingly powerful forms of energy awareness that liberate shendo practitioners from the usual ‘energy blindness’ that causes people to make choices that lead to new problems in their lives.

The tools and techniques of Holistic Dowsing start to awaken your whole energy body awareness. This is a grounded form of awareness – as opposed to being intuitive or dependant on beliefs – that gradually liberates you from constant or repetitive problems or stressful experiences. It also eventually liberates you from reliance on any form of energy test, physical or otherwise.
We have been providing unique, energy-aware services and trainings to thousands of clients and students, worldwide, for almost forty years. Our work can be summarised by our slogan: ‘change your energy to change your life.’ This means, the more you are willing to change your energy the more your life and consciousness will inevitably change as a consequence.
Starting to become aware of your energy responses to everything in your life, with the help of an Ishka [whole energy body] pendulum, is a first step on a path that will transform your life into an extraordinary adventure.