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The ‘Rolls-Royce’ Of Pendulums

If you want a pendulum that is exquisitely balanced, highly-responsive, safe, accurate and beautiful to boot, you’ve come to the right place.
We have been helping dowsers awaken their innate energy awareness for over 30 years. During that time we’ve been shown many pendulums used by professional and amateur dowsers, and we came to some startling conclusions:

  • It matters what kind of pendulum you use if you want accurate results – a ‘ring on a string’ just doesn’t cut it
  • A poorly-designed pendulum makes you vulnerable to the energy of whatever or whoever you are testing
  • What’s more, a pendulum of the wrong material or shape weakens your own energy as you use it, which is why we’ve seen so many professional dowsers in our clinic who’ve given up dowsing altogether because they became so unwell
  • We couldn’t find a pendulum that was accurate, responsive and didn’t damage people’s energies yet we needed a pendulum that gave good results and was safe to use.

So we set about creating one. And the Perfect Pendulum was born.

"The Perfect Pendulum is a precise instrument. Using it I never get an ambiguous result, unlike others I used in the past. And it's beautiful to boot!"

“I really enjoy your pendulum – it’s the best pendulum I’ve ever used” ~ Jane S, UK

The Perfect Pendulum is a small stone ovoid on a rhodium-plated silver chain finished with a small sphere of the same stone. It is hand-made to our precise specifications in a variety of beautiful, natural, semi-precious stones, ovoid-shaped to fully-connect with your energy field without causing imbalances.

What is the 'Perfect' Pendulum?

For thousands of years, seers from cultures all over the world, have described the human energy field as an ovoid-shaped light surrounding the body. We have found, in over three decades of practising and teaching Energy Awareness, that the ideal physical tool for starting to become aware of the effects of anything on our energy is also the shape of an ovoid. This is the only shape that is resonant with the entire human energy field.

We have been demonstrating for years, in the Life Energy Awareness Training, how non-ovoid pendulums generate errors that harm the human energy body. Energy field damage leads to all sorts of problems with your physical or psychological health, wealth, creativity, relationships, and much more besides, depending on the shape/material used to make a pendulum.

By using an ovoid-shaped pendulum, made of the correct material, as an awareness-amplification instrument, you can accurately and safely identify effective ways of strengthening your own life energies – the energies that underlie your health, wealth, happiness, relationships, etc. – resulting in all kinds of positive changes in your life.

“Using the Perfect Pendulum has made an enormous difference to my life . . . This has given me confidence in all my decision-making and as a result my health, income, partnership and living situation have all improved dramatically!”

Not Just a Pendulum

It comes with its own 12-page instruction manual, ideal for the novice and professional dowser. This includes energy-cultivation practices and exercises specifically designed to enhance the awareness-cultivating effects of your Perfect Pendulum.

Make More Aware Choices Without Any of the Harmful Side-Effects of Standard Pendulums

“I have been testing with my Perfect Pendulum all day . . . this thing is MAGIC. It is so clear and so definite. I had never experienced anything with a pendulum before. I can’t believe how distinct the responses are!”

Pendulums have been used for hundreds of years for better decision-making and making better life choices.

By using a pendulum, you have a powerful ally to help you make decisions based on how your own natural energy is responding to something, rather than solely depending on what you feel, your mind thinks or your intuition senses, might be good for you.

Unfortunately, most pendulums distort your responses and damage your energy body. This is why we have treated many professional dowsers who’ve developed allergies or other physical or psychological problems, as a result of their dowsing. Using a pendulum that’s incorrectly-shaped or made from a harmful material, or is used in ways that cause environmental stress feedback will result in life or health problems you could have avoided with the right pendulum.


Fortunately, the Perfect Pendulum, developed over three decades of clinical and personal development experience and research:

  • Reduces ‘switching’ errors (false positives or negatives) for more accurate responses
  • Does not harm your energy body by depleting energy from one or other of your chakras to stimulate the 6th chakra (the chakra that controls the ability to dowse) – a universal problem with non-ovoid-shaped pendulums.
  • Doesn’t hold onto stresses – other materials or pendulum shapes accumulate many harmful energies during use. The Perfect Pendulum actively eliminates stresses as it’s being used.
  • Effortlessly amplifies your body’s natural energy awareness (no pendulum acts on its own. All pendulums amplify your natural bio-energy responses that are constantly occurring 24/7 to everything around you)

“I could never get a pendulum to work reliably as an alternative to muscle testing – but this one just works! You have added another dimension to the whole energy work field and muscle testing practices. Very impressed! Keep up the great work!”

So What Can I Use It For?

You – i.e your ki or life energy – are constantly responding to your environment – to the food you eat, the computer you work on, the jewellery you wear, etc.. And also to what you are about to do – book a vacation, perform an exercise, read a book, go to that party, etc..

In fact, your energy is always one step ahead of your mind. In other words, even as your mind is thinking, ‘this looks like a good idea,’ your energy is already saying ‘No . . . way!’

So when you are wondering if you should:

  • Eat that food or have that drink
  • Have a relationship with that person
  • Take that supplement
  • Go on that vacation
  • Accept that job offer
  • Buy that house / car / item of jewellery or clothing
  • Make that phone call or write that email
  • Go to that dinner / party / event / conference
  • Book that airline ticket . . .

. . . you can use your Perfect Pendulum to access your inner wisdom and discern what will really work for you – and what you would be better off avoiding . . .

So rather than making choices based on how you feel or on what your mind thinks might be good for you, or what you ‘should’ do, the more aware you are of your ki energy responses, the higher the quality of your choices and of the life you can then create for yourself.

Your Perfect Pendulum connects you to that hard-to-hear but so much wiser still small voice within

"If I were advising anyone on pendulums, then the Perfect Pendulum is the only one I would recommend without reservation.”

Since, with a Perfect Pendulum, you can not only develop far more powerful forms of awareness than depending on external tests such as muscle tests or electronic instruments, but also avoid potential problems and protect your energy in the process, you have to ask yourself:

Can I Really Afford Not to Have a Perfect Pendulum?

 change your energy to change your life!

Perfect Pendulum, Perfect Gift!

Why not introduce a friend or loved one to the ancient art of dowsing? The Perfect Pendulum is a terrific gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions. Its powerful response is often a revelation, even for experienced dowsers.

“In over 30 years of dowsing, I’ve never felt so attuned to the process as I do when using the Perfect Pendulum.”

The Perfect Pendulum includes a full 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 page instruction manual

You have nothing to lose but your confusion

Try it – you’ll love it!