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Hidden Secrets of Real Health | e-book

The Ultimate Guide on energy-aware feng shui as created and taught in the unique Shendo Feng Shui Training from the School of Energy Awareness. 400 pages of more than 170 tried and tested techniques for optimizing the energies of your home to support your health and other life energies.

Make your home your friend, clearly, easily and with no doubt. No more following feng shui theories on faith, then wondering later why new problems have gradually crept up on you.

If you are seriously interested in awakening and developing your own environmental energy awareness, Hidden Secrets of Real Health is the best place to begin.

Hidden Secrets of Real Health has been a fantastic manual for me. As a feng shui book, it is one of the simplest and clearest texts I have read ... I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to do a bit of their own feng shui DIY!

If I ever doubted the difference an environment makes, I definitely don't now!! We are all so much happier.

Thanks for such a wonderful book – there are hours and hours of material to be studied here.

I am amazed at my newly acquired abilities - just incredible!

Now I Am Light | e-book and poster

Now I Am Light is a shendo instrument or namen for raising your energy. Or, you might say, for raising your spirit(s). This means, it points to an action that will raise your Heart – a unique energy at the root of your heart chakra. The more your actions are Heart energy-ascending, the more they open your awareness to simple means of gradually changing your energy and your life in fortunate ways.

Now I Am Light opens your eyes to what is right for you here and now. Because it’s a namen, it can be operated with any form of energy awareness or with any bio-energy test, (e.g. a dowsing or kinesiological test). If you use a pendulum, we recommend the Perfect pendulum, the Omega pendulum or Shendor pendulum for optimal responses.

The Now I Am Light poster comes with a short e-book which describes both the function of the Now I am Light namen and its activation practice. 

Reading the ebook alone has helped sharpen my mind to the valuable lessons Stephen and Lynda have taught over the years. Somehow hearing them in a new form helps the understanding...another piece of the puzzle. Thank you!

I've been finding the Now I Am Light practice ... a very profound experience ... thank you for creating it