change your energy
to change your life!

The Shendor pendulum is the most recent and most powerful Ishka [whole energy body] pendulum from Energize Your Life. It includes all the functions of the Omega Pendulum plus additional, unique benefits (marked with an asterisk below).

An empowering Ishka pendulum …

  • responds rapidly – since your energy responds to everything instantly

  • doesn’t depend on any thought – just as your energy responds automatically to everything

  • doesn’t harm your energy – unlike pendulums with points, facets, wires, etc.

  • draws new energy into your crown chakra then directs it to your brow chakra – 
    this develops your energy awareness, eventually making the pendulum itself redundant 

Beginning The Energy Awareness Journey or Shendo

"... Like so many of us in the Shendo, I'm a radically different person to when I started out on this journey!"

With your Shendor pendulum, you have a unique opportunity to …

change your energy to change your life

"I can't believe I waited three years before starting the Shendo. And I really can't believe what a difference it has made in only a year. The changes I have made are truly incredible. It has been a fantastic experience."

If you have any doubts about your Shendor Pendulum choice, we offer a Shendor Pendulum Advisory Service

Send a selfie – head and upper torso – and we will let you know your Heart-resonant Shendor pendulum(s). Cost – £4.97