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How To Energy Test Good Food using Need Mudra and the Perfect Pendulum:

Being aware of which foods and drinks strengthen your energy is a vitally important faculty. See why and how to do it in this video demonstration by Stephen and Lynda.

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Welcome to

the world’s leading website for discovering how your life and well-being are being affected by …

  • Any food, drink or supplement
  • Your clothes or jewellery
  • Pictures, carpets, ornaments, colours or anything else in your environment
  • A relationship of any kind
  • Your work, meditation, exercise or any other activity is the only source of Ishka [whole energy body] Pendulums. An Ishka pendulum connects to your entire energy field to provide a complete reflection of how you are being or will be affected by anything you perceive.

Because an Ishka pendulum connects directly to your energy body-responses to anything you look at, touch, hear, smell or taste …

  • you don’t need to ask a question to get a response
  • your thought-free energy testing will cultivate your awareness to the point where you will no longer need any form of test to be aware of your energy responses

Ishka pendulums are for anyone who wants to be more aware of the effects on their life and consciousness, of …

  • their own and others’ energies
  • environmental energies
  • spirit energies [shen]

Ishka pendulums are based on the pioneering work of Stephen and Lynda Kane into the energy processes [energenics] of health recovery, higher energy-fortune creation, creativity and higher consciousness  …

Because of the empowerments it generates through sustained use, the Shendor pendulum is a gateway to the Shendo online community.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Kim Padusi, Maryland, USA

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Lynda’s story is high-flying . . .
Before making the life-changing decision to commit completely to her path of energy work for personal transformation, Lynda was Chief Psychologist at British Airways. She later became a personal coach for senior executives and board members of major corporations such as the BBC, Shell, Air New Zealand, Sun Alliance, Rank Xerox and Granada. As she integrated her energy work more and more into her professional life, she finally went on a long retreat after which it became the sole focus of her life and work.
Stephen’s story is different . . .
After years of meditation and other spiritual development practices, Stephen founded the Institute for Advanced Health Research in England

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