Pendulums don’t ‘Do their Own Thing’

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My Pendulum Said . .

You often hear dowsers who use pendulums say, ‘my pendulum said X was good for me,’ or ‘my pendulum said I should/shouldn’t do X.’  As if their pendulum were doing its own thing, completely separate from them. Even experienced dowsers often seem to assume that their pendulum or other dowsing instrument is operating independently of them,  simply tuning into the energy of the thing they are testing.

The Omega Pendulum

The Omega Pendulum

In fact,any dowsing instrument is simply an amplifier of its operator’s energy responses. . . and a helpful attunement device. What this means is that the person’s own energy is already responding to the object they are testing before their pendulum starts swinging. The pendulum increases their attunement to the thing they are testing. Then amplifies their response, so that their conscious mind can perceive it.

Using a Pendulum to Develop Your Awareness

Everyone has some energy awareness, whether they’re very conscious of it or not.  It’s a faculty that can be easily developed. And a pendulum is a good place to start to develop one’s energy awareness.  But  awareness is like knowledge – a complex subject. More complicated than simple yes /no’s with a pendulum might lead one to believe.  Not understanding that, some people give up with a pendulum because they find they don’t get a response from it or their results seem unreliable.

It’s relatively easy to start getting a response with a good pendulum, so let’s take a brief look at the results issue.

I Don’t Trust My Pendulum

Let’s take something simple – an apple will do. You pendulum test the apple and you get a Yes. Then you eat the apple . . . and you get a stomach ache. So then you might think, ‘my testing sucks’ and put the pendulum away in a drawer and forget about it. That would be a shame.

Because it’s more complicated than that. Maybe your awareness of what’s happening with your leg energy is stronger than your awareness of your stomach energy. Or maybe your awareness of mangos is stronger than your awareness of apples. Basically, when using a pendulum, there’s always:

(i) the kind of awareness (e.g. awareness of the effects of apple energy on your health) that’s ‘behind’ your test and

(ii) your self-awareness (e.g . of your stomach energy awareness)

And it helps to know, or be aware of, what you’re actually testing! A general ‘is this good for me’ isn’t always the best test to do.  People often swing their pendulum without really focussing on what, exactly, they are testing for.

So now let’s take a more complex test – choosing a health practitioner. A test like this tends to be a little more complicated than fruit (hopefully). For a start, a practitioner has to exercise their abilities – so, unlike apples, they are making choices. And you are hoping your ‘Yes practitioner’ result will make the right choice for you (out of over 5000 remedies in the case of homeopaths).

So, that’s a highly predictive test – right kind of practitioner, right individual practitioner and right choice of treatment made by that practitioner .  Meanwhile, at your end of that series of predictions, you are hoping your awareness, amplified by your pendulum, will accurately focus in on all those variables and give you a ‘Yes’ . . . and off you go to see them, hoping for a good result. But maybe it doesn’t turn out so well.

This is why awareness, just like a muscle or any physical or mental faculty, has to be trained. Otherwise, it stays weak and not a lot of use.

The Coyote Trail of Energy Awareness

Stephen once had a life-threatening illness so he identified a health practitioner  to go see. He got the diagnosis wrong – but one of the drugs he prescribed kept the infection at bay for three more years. Then, in another country, he identified another practitioner who, unknown to him at the time, got the right (homeopathic) remedy – but in the wrong form and at the wrong strength – so it didn’t work.

Some months later, he eventually managed to zero in on the solution – same remedy but in a different form.  And recovered. His energy awareness took that long to lead him along a ‘coyote trail’ of practitioners and potential solutions until he finally ‘got it.’ But, all that time, he was cultivating his awareness, so his awareness was getting more tuned in to the health karma and, by extension, its solution.

In essence, whenever you test something or someone and it doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would, this is just life showing you you need to develop more awareness – a lesson that, probably, applies to everyone on this planet! So instead of being discouraged by ‘failures’ with your testing, be motivated to develop your awareness and seek higher-energy solutions. There’s always a way forward but, often, we need to improve our (energy) awareness before we can see it.

The Omega Pendulum

The Omega Pendulum is a pre-eminent instrument for developing your energy awareness. It not only gives highly accurate attunement and results, but also develops your native energy awareness the more you use it.

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