Energy Awareness Q&A

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What is Energy Awareness?

“Awareness” usually means perception. You are, for example, aware that the sky is blue or that water is wet. So “energy awareness” means perception of energy. But it also means much more than this because the more energy-aware you become, the more you naturally awaken your:

  • dormant talents or unusual abilities. Recent activations achieved by energy awareness practitioners  include energizing hands, empowering voice (for counselling), plant healing energy awareness and empowering art – creating art that affects the viewer’s energy in specific ways
  • nosis – direct knowledge of the subjects of your awareness
  • essential creativity – a special form of creativity that enables you to transform the fundamental (and often permanent) problems and challenges in your life into higher awareness and a higher energy future.

You can develop three kinds of energy awareness:

  • body energy awareness
  • environmental energy awareness
  • spirit energy awareness

The process of awakening your energy awareness starts with body energy awareness, so you develop a heightened awareness of the energies flowing through your body that determine what you experience  in each area of your life – your health, wealth, relationships, work and so on. The more you are aware of these energies – and how profoundly you can affect them by what you choose to do or not do – the more you recognise and make the choices that will generate a higher energy future for you.

What is Environmental Energy Awareness?

Every area of your life is constantly being affected, for better or for worse, by the energies of your environment. But, without environmental energy awareness, most people have almost no sense of how much their work, creativity, learning ability, relationship, etc. is being influenced by the energy fields of everyday objects around them.

There are, of course, disciplines like feng shui or vastu that try to determine how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ your environment may be. But the traditional ‘rules’ about environments are very approximate. Not only are your personal ‘feng shui needs’ more than likely very different from someone else’s, but the energies of any particular environment (your home for example) are far more complex than such rules can accurately take into account.

So to really see how to create an environment that is wholly life and consciousness-supporting for you, you need to cultivate your own environmental energy awareness. Then, instead of depending on rules that may or may not be applicable to you and your home or office, you can see for yourself what really works – as well as how to avoid the unfortunate side-effects that so often result from traditional environmental energy methods.

What is Spirit Energy Awareness?

When you cultivate your energy awareness, there comes a point where you start becoming aware of certain energies in the world that generate nosis and empowerment. In other words, through exposure to these energies, you start directly knowing things you haven’t previously learnt from someone else (nosis), and achieving effects that, often, you may not previously have even imagined being able to do.

There are many cultures – India or Tibet being obvious examples – where the awakening of nosis or the process of empowerment are generally recognised as being intrinsic parts of human spiritual development. Even though they are less well-known in the West, such processes are natural stages in the development of your energy awareness. But, unlike traditional cultures, we don’t employ religious beliefs or elaborate rituals. We simply recognise that the development of spirit energy awareness is a natural and integral part of the totality of your developing energy awareness.

What are the Main Benefits of Developing Energy Awareness?

If, for example, you are aware of someone’s energy, you can perceive how they will affect you or your life – such as your health, happiness or security – over time; or you can see that buying one house, which you happen to love, will lead to all kinds of trouble whereas another will lead to powerful positive changes in you and your life; or you notice that wearing a certain piece of jewelry is damaging your wealth qi whereas another piece has the opposite effect . . . So one benefit is awareness of the consequences of your choices.

Energy awareness also shows you which actions – e.g. exercises, meditations, work, vacations, where to go for dinner, who to see tonight – will have good results and which will have no results or even negative results. For example, some people benefit from jogging – but others are harmed; some people achieve results from certain mantras or meditation techniques but many others don’t achieve much result except feeling more relaxed. And some people are seriously damaged through choosing a weakening meditation or other personal development practice . . .

Without energy awareness, you are largely unable to tell what really works for you in any area of your life – even when an expert tells you something is good for you. If they aren’t aware of your energy they too can only depend on their training or tests which, themselves, only reveal a fraction of your needs.

We focus on the development of your whole body energy awareness, which means cultivating the integrated totality of your awareness energy. All too often, people develop one form of awareness but ignore other forms. The result is an increasing imbalance of consciousness that manifests both in one’s life – work, relationships, health, etc. – and psychological state. Whole body energy awareness brings every part of your life and being into increasing harmony.

Does Energy Awareness Replace Science and Knowledge?

Not at all. Or, at least, not always. Energy awareness is the ‘missing half’ of science and ‘knowing’ things. For instance, a doctor might determine that you need a certain medication for your health problem. But, if he’s energy-aware, he may also see that it will cause a reaction in your heart. So he changes his  prescription to one that both the science and his awareness show him is right for you. Equally, many energy awareness practitioners work with their dentists or doctors, showing them when or if they need one treatment rather than another.

However, energy awareness refines all forms of knowledge – not just medicine – down to its exact application to you (and others) personally. So we can see, specifically, how some people react to WiFi, but others don’t; how a newly constructed bridge brings more creativity qi into an entire neighborhood; or how designing a garden one way, with all the scientifically ‘correct’ plants for the soil and climate, brings exhaustion and unhappiness to its owners whereas making it another way has the opposite effect, and so on.

Energy awareness is the ‘missing link’ in science and knowledge that enables it to be matched precisely to an individual’s or community’s needs.

Is Energy Awareness like Dowsing or Kinesiology?

Dowsing and kinesiology are techniques that give yes/no responses to some forms of energy. They are equivalent, in visual terms, to using a stick when you can’t see well. Even though they can be invaluable they are, along with intuition, called the “edge of awareness” because they give a vague sense of a bigger or different world out there – the world of energy – but without giving direct access to it.

Participants in the weekend Energy Awareness Training, start training with a device called a Perfect Pendulum. Some people, by the end of the first day, find they can sense their own energetic responses without amplification by the pendulum. They then enter into a process of awakening their own body energy awareness directly.

The key difference between testing energy and energy awareness is the same as the difference between trying to make sense of things by feeling them with a stick or, alternatively, looking around you and seeing the birds, flowers, colors and other people. The result of real energy awareness is that you can fully interact with and function within the world of energy – a world that underpins and profoundly affects every area of our lives but, for most people, remains largely unknown.

What is the Energy Awareness Training?

The Energy Awareness Training is a two-day empowerment process that provides you with the tools to start becoming aware of the world of energy – a world that seems almost “magical,” simply because we are so unfamiliar with it. An energy awareness practitioner wrote to us a few days after the basic Energy Awareness Training:

“I have just been walking on the beach and managed to do ‘opening the world’ (a technique taught in some trainings ) . . . I could see lines of energy on either side of me and clear space in front. If I turned the lines came in and as I turned back they cleared.”

At a more mundane level, the training provides you with the tools to cut through all the claims and expert knowledge with which we are all bombarded, about what is or isn’t “good” for you. You will come away from the training with the ability to tell what you really need to eat, to wear, to take, or to do. As well as what you need to have in your environment, what exercises really work for you, which devices or other techniques really protect you from electromagnetic stresses or other peoples’ energies . . . and even which relationships are strengthening and which you need to change. There are no limits to what you can apply your energy awareness to. And you will also have the skills and tools to make your awareness stronger and stronger each day.

Every energy-aware choice you make is called an “ascending choice” – because it literally causes some of your energy to ascend through your chakras. Unfortunately, because people are largely unaware of their energies (and their chakras!), they tend to make many descending choices. Descending choices lead to a lower energy future. Ascending choices have the opposite effect. Being able to be aware of how your choices affect your energy is the only reliable way to generate higher energy relationships, work, health, creativity and happiness as time goes by.

Who is the Energy Awareness Training For?

Good question! It’s for anyone who isn’t too attached to his/her current point of view, who is open-minded and has a sense that there is more to life than the usual activities and entertainment we occupy ourselves with.

The Energy Awareness Training is called a wisdom training because it brings a lot of new energy into a chakra at the top of your forehead called the “wisdom chakra.” An awakened wisdom chakra reveals the world in a new light – which can sometimes be challenging . . .

One of our senior practitioners summed it up well after her original Energy Awareness Training:

“… it’s different to anything else and was so challenging to my beliefs and self-perceptions. It far surpassed my expectations – I certainly didn’t expect a course that is changing how I look at who I (really) am and how I make my choices in life. Unlike many approaches that just might make you feel better but don’t really change the problems, I am changed and am different.”

We all tend to accumulate likes, dislikes, beliefs, desires, opinions, identifications and all the other baggage that seems to be an intrinsic part of who we are. But then, if you receive a wisdom empowerment, you start to see how so many of these things are really just dragging your energy and awareness down, not who you really are at all; and creating problems for you now and in your future. But starting to see this and having the energy to do something about it are two very different things . . .

So the Energy Awareness Training is for anyone who feels ready to embrace enlivening and transformational change in their life – one small step at a time. Not because anyone else says anything should change in your life but because you come to see for yourself, that you or your life need to change in one or another way. The Energy Awareness Training gives you proven techniques for achieving life-transforming results.

This is why we call the development of whole body energy awareness a Way of life – one that can lead from confusion, fatigue, failure or any other misfortune to clarity, inner strength, happiness and success. Cultivating your awareness inevitably changes your life for the better. How much, and in which ways, is entirely up to you. There is no upper limit.



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