An Introduction to Effective Dowsing

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Body Energy Talk and Pendulums

Many people ask us, ‘how, exactly, does a pendulum work?’

Every moment of the day and night, your energy is responding to the world around you. One response (there are many) is through microscopic movements of your muscle fibres. Even when you’re sitting completely still, your body is moving or ‘twitching’ at a subliminal level, way below your conscious awareness. Every micro-movement is triggered by an event – perhaps you see something, feel something, hear something, think something, come across water in a field, or just unwittingly sense a change in the room’s energy. In every case, some of your muscles twitch slightly in response.

A pendulum (a divining or dowsing instrument) is an amplifier of these subliminal nervous system responses. Contrary to popular belief, a pendulum is never ‘doing its own thing.’ Its movement always reflects subtle changes in your own body (energy) in response to something you encounter. A pendulum (or dowsing antenna) is a valuable tool that can show you much about yourself and the world around you – far more than current scientific knowledge can usually explain. Learning to access your energy body awareness is a powerful self-management and self-development tool.

For example, you might want to eat a certain food – but your pendulum’s response is negative. So although you enjoy the food and feel hungry, your own energy tells you that food is not a good idea – for you at that time. Similarly, you might not wish to accept a certain job offer – it’s not particularly interesting and is poorly paid. But your amplified energy awareness shows you you should take it in spite of what you think or how you feel. (You can’t yet perceive what will come of this decision, but your energy knows). Deciding to go with what your pendulum (your own energy response) is showing you is a powerful way of ‘changing your energy to change your life.’

As someone once said, ‘the mind is a great servant but a terrible master.’ So what your energy is ‘saying’ (all the time), via your nervous system, is often different from what your mind, feelings, knowledge or even your intuition might often lead you to believe. Your energy speaks its own language and responds in its own unique way to everything that’s happening in your life. You’d be wise to learn how to listen to it.

“. . . the Pendulum really is extraordinary . . . it is so accurate. I am feeling much better.” David S, UK

Avoid Harmful Awareness Amplifiers (dowsing instruments)

The language your ‘energy body,’ (your total body of energy), speaks is very powerful – it has many levels of meaning. Learning to understand this language can make an enormous difference to your quality of life. Obviously, by amplifying your natural energy awareness, a divining pendulum can be extremely useful – as long as its responses aren’t distorting what your energy is really saying.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens with the majority of pendulums. Two of the most common errors seen in pendulums that cause distortions in your energy body, and thus the responses you get, are the way they are made, i.e..

  • Pendulums made from materials that influence your energy and awareness in negative ways (when used as a pendulum)
  • Pendulums in shapes that damage some of your energy

Here’s an example of a pendulum that damages the energy of the person using it:

Rose Quartz crystal pointy pendulum

This crystal point pendulum damages its operator’s communication ki, (throat chakra), nervous system and adrenal energy. Ironically, one of the long-term consequences is an increasing hypersensitivity to crystals. Another is chronic fatigue.

Here’s another example . . .

This metal pendulum damages its operator’s lower digestive system – descending colon, sigmoid colon, etc.. One long-term consequence is increased food hypersensitivities.

What these examples mean is that even though you can get an ‘answer’ from any pendulum you use, most pendulums come with a ‘high price’ for getting those answers. We have treated many dowsers, and health practitioners who use pendulums, who came to us with ‘burnout’ caused by the pendulum they were using. Obviously, this isn’t something you read or hear about in books, web pages or workshops on pendulums or dowsing . . .

That’s because dowsing enthusiasts tend to get stuck on dowsing with a pendulum, or other awareness-amplification device – dowsing antenna, rods, stick pads, skin-resistance instruments, etc – rather than developing their own energy awareness to the point of being able to clearly sense or even see how their energy is affected by everything they do. In this case, by using different types of pendulum. In fact, dowsing is just the very beginning of the energy awareness journey. This is what Shendo® trainings – like the Rainbow of Happiness – are all about.

So How Does A Pendulum Work?

To understand this more, let’s look at a simplified version of how a pendulum works – or doesn’t work . . . 

Every pendulum connects to an energy centre at the centre of your forehead. We call it the lumin or ‘6th chakra.’ This chakra directly influences your autonomic nervous system and the frontal lobes of your brain (including your thoughts and feelings). The flows of ki-energy between the 6th chakra and a pendulum are the reason why people experience responses from their pendulums when they ask themselves questions (see below).

Note that you aren’t ‘asking your pendulum a question.’ Pendulums do not swing of their own accord. They respond to and amplify energy changes causing micro-twitches in your own muscle fibres.

However, many pendulums – because of the energy fields emitted by their material and shape – also connect to other areas of your energy body. For example, this pendulum . . .

stone pendulum image

Connects to its operator’s:

  • 2nd chakra (at the pubic arch), which controls the genito-urinary system
  • Vision chakra (just above the root of the nose) – which controls the eyes
  • Lower back

Unfortunately, a secondary connection by a pendulum to any part of your energy body (other than your crown chakra)  causes your energy to weaken or contract there due to the pendulum channeling energy from the subjects of your attention to that location. The increasing accumulation of foreign energies in one or more areas of your energy body eventually causes symptoms there.

Although the 6th chakra controls a pendulum’s responses, even the 6th chakra itself can be harmed by an incoming foreign energy. In fact, the only chakra that is capable of managing energies received from the subjects of your attention – just as your mouth is the only organ that is capable of managing food – is a point at your fontanelle: your crown chakra.

The more energy your 6th chakra loses, the more your autonomic nervous system is affected by environmental stresses and/or other peoples’ energies. This is why we created the Perfect Pendulum in 1984. Along with the Omega Pendulum, this is still the only pendulum that only connects to your 6th chakra and your crown. These are the only points in the human energy body to which a pendulum can connect without causing damage.

“I have been using the Perfect Pendulum for over a year and have found its testing has made an enormous difference to my life. Instead of relying on instinct or guesswork, I have been able to test whether certain foods, people, places and a whole range of other elements were beneficial to me. This has given me confidence in all decision-making and as a result my health, income, partnership and living situation have all improved significantly. I am very grateful to have discovered the Perfect Pendulum as well as the ongoing wisdom provided by Lynda and Stephen.”

Lisa M, Australia

Energy Awareness Amplification (Dowsing) Myths

Stress from using badly-designed pendulums is one of the reasons we have treated so many professional dowsers for health (and other) problems acquired through years of self-harming energy-testing.

Unfortunately, the common myths of dowsing or energy-testing don’t end with pendulum construction – they also pervade the ways pendulums are used. Many dowsers are taught to ‘ask their pendulum questions,’ or simply hold it over something and wait for a response.

In fact, a properly-designed pendulum, used correctly, does not:

  • Require you to think any questions (or, indeed, anything at all) – which only corrupt or get in the way of perceiving how your energy is responding to anything
  • Have to be dangled over something whilst waiting for the pendulum to move
  • Create dependency – so you will always need it in order to receive an accurate ‘answer’ from your energy body

A good pendulum is designed to become redundant as soon as possible. The more energy-aware you become the less you need an external awareness amplifier. However, an advantage of using a pendulum as ‘trainer wheels’ for initially developing your higher awareness is that, when used correctly, it strengthens your 6th chakra by grounding your energy more. The sooner you develop grounded or concrete energy awareness, the sooner you will no longer need to use a physical awareness amplifier.

Interestingly, this contrasts with some forms of meditation which have the opposite effect. A Perfect Pendulum increases the strength and connection of your awareness with reality – including the reality of the world of energy – whereas many meditations cause one or more areas of the 6th chakra – the chakra of relationships or connections – to contract.

This results in someone becoming less and less able to recognise or deal with reality. We have worked with many individuals over the years who have suffered the unfortunate consequences of trying to develop their higher awareness with meditations that have caused them to become increasingly ungrounded and so unable to function effectively in the world. This is extremely common in all sorts of cults, ashrams, sects, religions and ‘spiritual’ organisations.

Fortunately, a safe and effective way to begin the awakening of your higher awareness – without the need for any belief systems, ritual behaviours or ‘groupthink’ – is with the Perfect Pendulum or Omega Pendulum.

Why? Because they are . . .

  • Super-responsive – many people from all walks of life have found they can energy-test with a Perfect or Omega Pendulum when, previously, they couldn’t test with any other kind of pendulum.
  • Non-harmful – the Perfect/Omega Pendulum doesn’t (i) steal energy from one area of your energy body in order to stimulate another or (ii) channel harmful foreign energies or environmental stresses into your body. (Incidentally, if these two criteria were to be applied to all the pendulums on the market, 99 percent would fail).
  • Empowering – the Perfect or Omega Pendulum strengthens your energy body so you become less and less dependent on any type of external amplifier of your innate energy awareness. This way, you can go on to awaken your whole energy body awareness through being able to see for yourself.

Being willing to do this, you will discover a world around and within you that, in the absence of real energy awareness, remains hidden, unknown and out of reach for most people. A pendulum is only a beginning. But a Perfect pendulum is a beginning to an entirely new way of being.

“I was watching a video online and held my Omega Pendulum as I was drawn to it and felt a spiraling of energy through my body. I had to pop out to the shop and noticed that I climbed the stairs to my flat like a mountain goat! It was so palpable and extraordinary as earlier when I came home from work, I noticed climbing the stairs was wearisome! . . . I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for such amazing work that you share and what a difference it has made to me within two days. ( I know you are used to people telling you this, but I want to!). I don’t know why I hadn’t held my Omega Pendulum in my hand for a period of time before. I am now!”

Yvette B., UK

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