Change Your Energy To Change Your Life

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Change Your Energy To Change Your Life

or . . Amira Gets Her Man

Amira got married recently. It’s been quite a journey from when we first met her a few years ago. Then, she was still reeling from a highly stressful, often abusive marriage, raising two children on her own, and disabled by chronic fatigue syndrome.

Since then, she has changed her career, recovered her energy and married a loving man who, due to Amira’s personal convictions and some social taboos, would once have been inconceivable as a husband. In short, she not only has her life back but, in some ways, more of a life than she ever had before.

During this time, Amira has become an advanced Shendo practitioner. This means she has developed the ability to recognise:

• How her actions will affect her energy
• How she can change her energy in response to whatever is happening in her life, and
• The ways she needs to cultivate her energy and awareness so she becomes ever-more capable of making choices that will create a higher energy, more fortunate, future

For us, Amira embodies someone who, by persistently practising changing her energy, has manifestly chang ed her life. So we’d like to share with you some of the ways Amira’s changing energy changed her. And what has happened to her as a consequence.

Relationship is Resonance

We all operate at our current level of awareness. Consider, for example, committing to a relationship. Most of us usually make such a commitment based on how we feel and, to a lesser extent, what we think and believe. But, other than, perhaps, a vague intuitive sense, few of us notice how our energy will be affected by a relationship. Which is unfortunate, since it’s our energy – and the energy of the relationship – that ultimately calls the shots, in terms of our happiness, fulfilment and future well- being.

Ironically, we make most, if not all, our major (and minor) decisions with little to no real awareness of how they are affecting our energy from the moment we make them. If we all had such awareness, millions of people would not only be in much happier, more successful, relationships, they would also be healthier, more secure – psychologically as much as physically – and more fulfilled in all sorts of ways that aren’t obviously associated with their relationships.

The key to understanding this is to recognise what a ‘relationship’ really is. It’s a resonance or harmonic vibration between two people’s energy bodies. This might sound a bit ‘woo,’ but it’s really just simple physics or, in the world of energy awareness, energenics. When you feel attracted to someone else – emotionally, intellectually, sexually or in any other way – you are experiencing a resonance with them. And the kind of attraction you feel is automatically determined by which areas of your and their energy bodies are resonating.

image1In this photo from 2010 the energy of Amira’s lumin – commonly called the ‘6th’ or Ajna chakra – is significantly contracted. The lumin, which controls the frontal lobes of the brain, is also called the ‘chakra of relationships,’ because every relationship you have directly affects, (and is affected by), your lumin.

If the effect of a significant relationship – e.g. with a parent, child, lover or close friend – is difficult or even harmful, the lumin is weakened or damaged. For example, almost anyone who has suffered an abusive relationship ends up with damage in this area of their energy body. And everyone who experiences anxiety or depression is suffering a contraction of their lumin.

Our life circumstances reflect our energy. In other words, what is ‘without’ reflects what is ‘within.’ When an area of your lumin is deeply contracted, this invariably compromises your ability to attract, create or sustain higher quality relationships.

Resonant Stress In Relationships

Unfortunately, reality is usually more complicated than we like to imagine. So just experiencing attraction isn’t a reliable indicator of a successful long-term relationship. If it were, we could always trust our thoughts, feelings and intuitions to show us who we need to be with. But the statistics for divorce, relationship counselling, abusive relationships and prescriptions for anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication associated with relationships suggest we might need a better way of seeing our relationships more clearly. For better or for worse.

Everyone has some resonance with anyone with whom they experience some form of mutual attraction. But then the question becomes: is it a strengthening or weakening resonance? You can, as is often said, be attracted to someone for all the ‘wrong reasons.’ Or feelings. Or beliefs. ‘Wrong,’ in this sense, refers to what we call a resonant stress. This means we have something in common – but it’s something that is damaging our energy. For example, maybe we both like food. A lot. So after we’ve been together for five years, we find ourselves talking to a doctor about our obesity problem . . . Or we both like online gambling and have fun doing it together, but then end up in the debtors’ court . . .
Whatever the nature of a stress, the principle is always the same – when we form a relationship based on
mutual stresses, those stresses tend to get worse. Why? Because we reinforce each other’s weakening or

energy-stealing addiction to food, sex, drugs, money, certain beliefs, work, social image, status or what- ever else it might happen to be that causes us to lose some of our energy. And that added to the attraction between us in the first place . . .

Just because something, (or someone), feels good – or you think it’s good – doesn’t mean it is good. All too often, people who thought they were in ‘perfect’ relationships find themselves splitting up some time later. Or, worse, staying together because the thought of splitting up is too worrying or painful to bear. Resonant stresses draw many people together. And then ruin their lives.

Mis-Wiring in Relationships

The other way relationships go ‘wrong’ – or were, in fact, wrong from the start – is when they are based on resonances between different areas of the energy body. For example, two common resonances in weakening relationships are when a couple’s resonance is really that of a parent-child or friends.

Sure, the sex was good in the beginning (hopefully), but then the energenic reality starts creeping in. It always does. Your mind can tell you the relationship is ‘working’ – but when your resonances [with your partner] are ‘mis-wired,’ deep down inside you know the truth . . .

Trouble is, the less we are aware of our energy, the more our mind runs the show. So we keep on deceiving ourselves. We want the relationship to work, we are sure it would ‘if only . . .’ But the thing your mind really doesn’t want to know is that for all the wishful thinking in the world, if your energies aren’t resonant in the ways they need to be, the relationship just won’t work . . . no matter what strategies you devise to try to avoid [your energenic] reality.

A parent-child relationship involves resonances between your lumin (6th chakra) and your 4th chakra (at the bottom of your sternum) and the same points in your parents or child(ren). These energies connect to a channel running up the left side of the spinal cord. In the world of yoga, it’s called the ida. The stronger these connections are, the higher the quality of relationship between a parent and his/her child.

Similarly, a friendship also results from resonances between the 4th chakra and the lumin. But, in this case, their energy flows in the right channel in the spinal cord – called the pingala.

These resonances – with parents/children or with friends – work well when that is who the other person really is to you. But if, instead, you find yourself playing the role of ‘parent’ or ‘friend’ with your partner, both of you, ultimately, will be weakened by your relationship – no matter how much you might wish it were otherwise.

To the degree the parent-child resonance is present in an intimate relationship, it inevitably generates unhappiness, conflict or illness of one kind or another. Basically, regardless of how you feel or what you

want or believe, being in a relationship where your resonances are ‘mis-wired’ will bring you grief of one kind or another.

So What Works Then?

image2We’re made up of many different life energies (health, wealth, creativity, security, partnership, etc.), which flow through us non-stop and create the life we experience. Each kind of life energy or ki in different areas of the body has a certain intensity and strength of flow. In this photo, Amira’s energy has radically changed – after she’d been cultivating her energy for two years. The deep contraction in her lumin has almost disappeared. And her health, work and partnership ki are flowing much more strongly.

For a successful long-term, intimate relationship, we’re most interested in the areas of the energy body called the heart chakra and the fortune path, respectively.

Your heart chakra is approximately two inches up from the bottom of your sternum. Your fortune path is the area between the bottom of your sternum and your navel. The name of the energy flowing there is so-called because it determines in which ways your future will be more or less fortunate or unfortunate, (e.g. success – a fortune – with money, but unhappiness – a misfortune – in relation- ships).

Committing to an intimate relationship immediately starts affecting your heart chakra and your fortune path. If the
resonances there are strengthening, the future is bright. These resonances mean you and your partner
have a real [love] relationship – that’s the heart chakra resonance – and that you are capable of developing your lives together in the same direction – that’s the fortune path resonance.

It doesn’t mean everything will be rosy in all possible ways from then on. But it does mean you both have the energy you need to overcome the arising challenges in the relationship. How much you are each willing to engage this energy is up to you. But if the energy isn’t there in the first place (regardless of how you feel), the relationship will lead to a lower-consciousness future for you.

In the first photo (see page 2), Amira’s heart and fortune path energies are relatively dull – not a lot going on in either area. Amira’s ki weakly rises to her throat – the chakra of communication – but it’s a struggle.

In the second photo, it’s a whole different story. Amira’s ki is much brighter and rises strongly to her mouth. This makes all the difference in attracting a strengthening (i.e. healthy) relationship into your life. Many people end up, for all sorts of reasons, with their energy blocked in their throat. This means the lumin – the relationships chakra – becomes starved of the energies it needs to function well.

So, for all the on-line dating agencies or other strategies one might try, the ‘right’ person never shows up. That’s because, no matter what you do, your energy isn’t sufficient (in your lumin) to ‘call’ them into your life.

Amira Gets Her Man

image3Ok – so this title is tongue-in-cheek. We don’t mean Amira was a tiger stalking her man-meat . . . But we need to make the point that your energy makes all the difference to what happens (or doesn’t happen) in your life. Practising shendo, Amira changed her health, work, partnership and other ki. And her life changed accordingly. All our experiences in life follow our energy. By changing her energy, Amira changed her misfortunes into fortunes including new career, new health, new relationship, much more happiness and so on. It wasn’t ‘luck.’ Or wishful thinking (a la ‘The Secret’). Or any specific physical or psychological gambit. It was simply a matter of (i) becoming more aware of her energy and (ii) doing what she then could see she needed to do. This is the practice of shendo.

And, as Amira recently pointed out about ‘doing what she needed to do.’ . . . “I was willing to step out of my comfort zone, as terrified as I was. But I felt the fear and did it anyway!” Which is the bottom line if you really want your life to change for the better.

In the third photo of Amira, with her new husband, Brad, the brightness of Amira’s energy at both her heart chakra and fortune path has grown dramatically, reaching all the way up to her lumin. The brighter the lumin becomes with energy rising from the heart chakra and fortune path, the higher energy the relationship(s) it manifests in your life – your life always follows your energy. This is how, energenically- speaking, Amira ‘got her man.’

If she had ‘chased’ a relationship – assuming she’d wanted one – without her own energy changing, Amira would have ended up with either no relationship or a weakening relationship. If your energy doesn’t change, your life doesn’t really change either – it continues to reflect your own weakened condition. Sure, the form of your life may change. But if you want a higher energy future – one that supports the development of your consciousness – you need to cultivate your energy now.

We All Need More Awareness

Since we all have physical awareness, we (hopefully) get this message at the physical level. This means we do things we think might be of some benefit to us as far as we can tell. We do our work (or invest our money carefully) and our exercises, take our vitamins, eat wisely, educate ourselves, send a Valentine’s card (and maybe hope for one in return), plus a host of other actions that we believe are good for us or our lives in some way.

But, none of that changes who we really are. To change your being, you have to change your life energy in ways that open your heart chakra and fortune path – and cause your energy there to ascend. Otherwise, even though many aspects of your life may change, how you relate to your life remains essentially the same. The flows of ki – e.g. partnership or wealth ki – from your heart chakra and fortune path up to your lumin have a unique kind of ‘magic’ – the magic of real personal transformation. The stronger these flows become, the more they will brighten up your life.

Ascending heart chakra energy is the be all and end all of a brighter future. But when we’re suffering in some area of our life – our health, relationships, work, etc. – it’s hard to see how we are trapped by our inability to recognise the energies causing that form of suffering. Our ability to understand what is happening is always limited by our current level of awareness – which is why we all need more energy awareness. The more you have, the more you really can change your energy to change your life.

Amira has done (and continues to do) exactly that. You too may already have a heart relationship, or you may not need one, but everyone needs a higher energy future. Otherwise, life is, at best, just more of the same old thing – which often isn’t so great in some respects . . .

We call the shendo a process of, ‘entering the world of energy.’ This is because more energy awareness brings you more recognition of the countless opportunities you are constantly being offered by your world
– opportunities for positive change. The more you make the choice to see, by cultivating your
awareness, the more you become able to do. The results can be extraordinary.

One other area of increasing brightness in Amira’s series of photographs is at her mouth. The chakras there affect digestion and expression. More energy in the mouth chakras leads to better health, stronger influence and more personal power – which can always come in handy in a relationship now and then . . . The shendo isn’t ‘just’ about becoming increasingly resonant with life as you know it. It’s also about discovering life that you don’t know and, more often than not, haven’t even imagined. So it isn’t the banal

endeavour of trying to get what you want. It’s about discovering who you are capable of being. The more you cultivate the energy you need to do this, the brighter your life will become. This is the nature of entering the world of energy – it’s the adventure of a lifetime.

In Part 2 of Change Your Energy To Change Your Life – on the Life Energy Awareness Forum – we will look at some simple ways you can cultivate your partnership and other life ki together with the ascension of
your heart chakra and fortune path.

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