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Frequently Asked Questions

“Awareness” usually means perception. You are, for example, aware that the sky is blue or that water is wet. So “energy awareness” means perception of energy. But it also means much more than this because the more energy-aware you become, the more you naturally awaken your:

  • dormant talents or unusual abilities. Recent activations achieved by energy awareness practitioners  include energizing hands, empowering voice (for counselling), plant healing energy awareness and empowering art – creating art that affects the viewer’s energy in specific ways
  • nosis – direct knowledge of the subjects of your awareness
  • essential creativity – a special form of creativity that enables you to transform the fundamental (and often permanent) problems and challenges in your life into higher awareness and a higher energy future.

You can develop three kinds of energy awareness:

  • body energy awareness
  • environmental energy awareness
  • spirit energy awareness

The process of awakening your energy awareness starts with body energy awareness, so you develop a heightened awareness of the energies flowing through your body that determine what you experience  in each area of your life – your health, wealth, relationships, work and so on. The more you are aware of these energies – and how profoundly you can affect them by what you choose to do or not do – the more you recognise and make the choices that will generate a higher energy future for you.

If you are looking at something that has no effect on your energy, the pendulum will swing backwards and forwards. But if you look at, say, a food, it would mean ‘No’ – because all foods affect your energy. So this would mean there is some reaction somewhere in you in spite of the food being good for much of your body. The neutral response reflects a ‘switch’ – conflicting Yes and No at the same time. Consequently, it’s a No (in order to avoid an inflammatory reaction).

Yes. Your Yes-direction is controlled by a nadi (ki-flow) from your crown to your lumin (6th chakra). If the nadi is obstructed, it can give a ‘backward’ Yes-direction. The Shendor Pendulum automatically unswitches this nadi, which can change your Yes-direction.

If you wish, you can double-check your Yes-direction after doing 8 Big Claps at your heart chakra – bring your hands wider than your torso then clap them together